The Fiverr Myth… Busted

You can use Fiverr to make money, validate ideas and create products without breaking any rules.  But I hear these statements often:

“Only use Fiverr for lead generation.” OR

“If you join Fiverr you’ll discredit your offering.”

So, is it true?  If you join Fiverr, you’re either generating leads or you’re selling out?

Well, 2,000 sales and 18 months later I can tell you neither were true for me.

Most my clients are awesome people with fascinating companies and great ideas.  So, don’t let these notions lead you to think Fiverr can’t work for you.

I am not defending copycat sellers or cheapskate buyers on the platform, it’s just par for the course with the low pricing and low barrier to entry. You have to take the good with the bad.

Also, the $5 limit is only temporary and the lead generation is against site policy. To me, it wasn’t worth the risk of getting kicked off. But also, trying to wink and nod my client to use my PayPal instead of going through Fiverr seems like a questionable way to start a business relationship.

So, Fiverr clearly isn’t some sweat shop for freelancers and it certainly isn’t for lead generation,

So, what can Fiverr do for you?

Side Income:

Whether you like to dabble in marketing web design or you just want to make some extra cash.  Fiverr is your jam.

You don’t have to set up a website, market your business etc., you can just hop on Fiverr and utilize their traffic to make some extra money when you need it.  No overhead cost and easy to take breaks when you don’t want to work on the side (it has a vacation mode built in).

And I am not talking about junk change either, I worked part time on Fiverr and made over $100,000 in 18 months.  This Top seller earned enough money in his first year on Fiverr to buy a house in cash. (see his whole story here)


Have you ever had an idea but you don’t know what to do next?
Fiverr can give you the assurance that people are into what you are selling.

I did this twice and both times I earned well over $10,000 with no additional work.  I talk about this more in “Your $10,000 File.”

You may have a product or service you can offer with little to no effort, you can post it as a gig on Fiverr and utilize their traffic to see if your idea can take off.

Build a portfolio:

Starting off freelancing can be nerve racking. You have to market, bid, sell, invoice, deliver your services and many other day-to-day tasks; so Fiverr is a way to relinquish the mundane tasks and focus on your skills.

By focusing on clients and your offering, you can eliminate this Freelance Catch 22. (needing experience before work and needing work before experience)  If you do an exceptional job with a few clients you now have a portfolio, results, testimonials and experience to share with future clients.

Get started:

It’s no secret that getting started is the hardest part, especially freelance because it’s so crowded.

I know when I started I didn’t know what the hell my skills were. And I definitely didn’t know how to sell them.  But I knew I had to pay rent and that is how I came up with some of these strategies that transformed my skills.  And they worked.

So, utilize Fiverr to help you get a fast start to freelancing and you will get your first taste of financial freedom.  I remember the first day after I created my gigs, seeing the orders come in, it was a high that I will never forget.

There is one more huge benefit to the platform that I have to tell you about. Everyday you’ll speak to your potential market.  This is priceless, if you want you can see the exact questions I use and then transformed to create my products. I call it “3Q3A Test.”

Fiverr works because of its traffic and awesome community.  Share this article and get others involved in freelance, the more of us the better we get.

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Share the freedom to do what you love everyday!

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