How I Made $100K Freelancing Part Time on Fiverr

I was over-caffeinated, sleep deprived and running on empty.  It was time to turn my freelance career around.  There had to be an easier way.

I was the same rat I was before, just competing in a different race.

Except now I made less and had more bosses I now called clients.

My dream job of freelancing was only six months in and it was officially a nightmare.

Despite my best efforts, the only thing I was doing consistently was falling behind.

I pinpointed most of my problems to one specific source: my freelancing process was fragmented.  Bidding on jobs took up too much of my time and I had no system for streamlining my jobs.  I didn’t know how to create a website at the time and I wanted to keep making money in the mean time and that is when I found Fiverr and my freelance career has never been the same.  Fiverr stood out to me for a few reasons:

  1. Clients would come to me, saving me time that I spent bidding and marketing
  2. I would select my services, letting me build a few valuable skills oppose to dabbling in many
  3. Messaging with clients was only allowed on Fiverr, reducing my time spent switching between communication mediums

So today I am writing this to freelancers who are spinning their wheels looking for an easier way to make money doing what they love.

My four-step strategy helped me freelance on Fiverr and become:

  • Become a top seller in just weeks
  • Reach over $125,000 in sales
  • Work with over 4,000 clients

Before you start; make your profile.  Start here; it takes 5 minutes.  Don’t stress about the profile.  Just make it good enough for now and move on.  Clients are more interested in your gigs.

Four Steps to Fiverr Success:

Step 1: Niche Your Gigs by the Result Not Service

Keep in mind, buyers don’t want your skills or mine, they want results.

Show them how you will help them achieve results and you have a top selling gig.

Write down your skills (editing, writing, graphics design etc.) and combine them each with a client demand.  Now the client can see how your services will provide them with a specific outcome.

For example, on my profile I took my writing skills and paired them with a client pain point which was writing and promoting their Kickstarter or Indiegogo campaign.

Within three hours of opening my Fiverr profile, I had the opportunity to work on 2 campaigns and now I have been part of over 4,000 crowdfunding campaigns.

But there are so many ways you can take your skills and combine them with a client need.

If you are a blogger you can say “I will write a blog for your fitness blog.  I will edit your blogs.  I will use SEO to make your blog search engine ready.”

Do you see how all of these sound better than: “I will write a blog.”

If you are a graphic designer, you can say “I will design all the graphics for your landing page.  I will create an infographic for your Pinterest marketing.  I will edit a graphic you have that really needs to pop for your website.”

Obviously, these are all better than “I will design a graphic.”

So, find out where clients are struggling and make a Fiverr gig that uses your services to solve that problem.

Step 2: Use Two Magic Numbers in All Fiverr Gig Offerings

Let’s face it, Fiverr is a crowded marketplace, you need to stand out, especially in the beginning.

Take all your gigs and add two numbers: time and quantity.

Make it impossible for a buyer to resist.

Example #1: 

“I will write a Fitness Blog for your Website”

Changes to… “I will write 2 Fitness Blogs for your Website in 48 Hours”

Example #2:

 “I will write an Email Marketing Campaign.”

Changes to…. “I will write 5 Emails to Different Media Contacts to Promote your New Businesses in 48 hours”

For $5, people will line up around the block for these gigs.

Make every guy a no brainer to your buyers.

Step 3: Deliver a $5 Order, Like it is a $1,000 Order


Yeah that’s right.

If you are reading this, you won’t be challenged by creating $5 worth of work.  So, don’t.  Over deliver and you get a raving review and a client for life.  When you show the quality of your work it pays in dividends because the client will write a review that will affect all your future orders.

Look for every possible way you can over deliver.

This is a list of things I would do with my clients for every order:

  • Send notes for how to execute the work I provided
  • Send them other options of how they can reach their goal with less effort
  • Ask the proper questions when they order
  • Check in with them mid project to let them know how you’re doing
  • Check back post project to ensure their satisfaction and check to see if they had questions (This is also a good time to ask for a testimonial)

I would also send templates, articles, e-books, anything I could find that would truly enhance your value to the client is an idea worth trying.

If you do what most will not do, clients will remember you.

Step 4: Show Up Everyday

There are three critical reasons to login and stay logged in to Fiverr when you can:

  • Client feedback: even if a client doesn’t buy, this is a great time to ask them some questions like “What are you struggling with?” and “What could I offer to help you?”
  • Close sales: many times, the client just wants to ask a quick question before they order and they are ready to order
  • Fiverr knows: Fiverr has an indicator for when you are online and available making it more inviting for clients to reach out

Being online and available makes a huge difference in your sales.

Final Freelance Tips:

  • Your gigs are a work in progress, don’t be afraid to change them. Ask your clients what they want and try to find unique ways to give it to them
  • Use the app, it’s simple, easy to use and I have could get instant messages from clients and was easily able to fill orders
  • Think out of the box. Don’t limit your services.  I created a workbook and started selling it on a whim and it became my most popular gig.

Over the past 18 months of growing my Fiverr offerings there were a few resources that catapulted my sales growth.  Here they are (these are not affiliate links)

As a result of what I learned in the above resources I was able to increase my sales and connect with my market.

Optin Cat: Missing Form Data. Is it in the trash?

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  1. Hey Kendall.

    Loved your appearance on Nick Loper’s show.

    You had your facts down pat…… unlike other podcasts guests who don’t always seem authentic with their data.

    I started on Fiverr four years ago and still sell some on there some, but your success has renewed my interest in doing automated gigs there. And more refined.

    Thanks for the 411.

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