Your $10,000 Product File…(Hint: You already have it)

You have an information product that people want, you just need to find it, package it and sell it.  Trust me, it’s easier than you think.

For example, what do your friends or family tell you’re good at?  What challenges have you faced and conquered?  Over time have you learned new skills?

These are all products… Finished products.  Just sitting in your computer or in your mind, waiting to be shared.

Products created from your personal experience are the best because you know the frustration your clients are going through.

I challenge everyone reading this; that you already have 5 products to sell right now.  You may not realize it  but someone else will pay for information you have.

For example, when I began freelancing I bid on about 15 jobs a day (3-4 hours every day); then I realized I was using information repeatedly and there were patterns of winning bids.  Certain sentences landed more jobs than others.  Once I saw the patterns I created a word document full of bid templates to save time.

After 3 months of freelancing, I had about 10-20 “go-to” bids that I could rely on, depending on the job. I used it only for myself to save time, make more money, and focus on what mattered: my clients’ work.  To me this document was nothing more than notes I copy and pasted thousands of times.

Then one day it hit me after talking to so many new freelancers who were stuck like I was, that this was something I could sell: “Winning Bid Templates to Get Started Freelancing.”

I took my exact word doc, cleaned it up and made it easy to read and started selling it to other freelancers.

I have now made well over $10,000 off one file that was sitting in my computer and more importantly by productizing it.  When I started charging for it the freelancers who purchased it were more inclined to use it and reap the benefits of a winning bid.  So, I got to see other freelancers win more jobs and save time.

If you want to make money selling anything you need to know your resources.

Start with your identity 

If you’re a baker you have recipes, if you’re a designer you have graphics, if you are a freelancer writer you have “go-to” methods to kick writer’s block.

Then think about your experiences

Do you have any go-to lists, tricks or recipes that you can teach others?

If you travel you have packing lists and tips, if you moved to a new place you have tips to making the move (and the opposite, if you never moved in your life you know all the best places in town, perfect for a visitor), if you did a triathlon you have training tips and lists.

Now think of struggles you overcame

When was the last time you got stuck on something? What was your solution? Can you teach it to others?

Were you a slow reader and now you speed read?  Did you lose weight? Did you overcome a career change?

By now you can probably see you have much more to offer than you probably thought.

So how do you get this into the hands of paying customers?

This is the easy part. Here are your options: create a word document, PDF etc., create a YouTube video, OR create a combo of both.

Find out where your audience is, tell them your story and provide them with your solution.  Productizing is the first step to making money in your sleep.

Share this with all the cool people you know because quite frankly I want more products out there. So many times, I have been stuck or confused and if I knew someone who had been there and had the answers, I would buy in a second.

Share with anyone who has ideas but no products yet.  Tell them now they don’t have an excuse!

When you share this article on social it is also a great segue into telling others about a product you are launching in the future, use this article to get feedback from your friends and family!


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5 thoughts

  1. Thanks, Kendall, this article was very helpful. Heard you on the Side Hustle Show podcast and have been motivated to give Fiverr a second go (it didn’t go so well the first time). Also, I’ve been banging my head on the wall trying to figure out what I am going to write about and/or sell. It’s always easier to start with what you know instead of trying to figure out something new, especially when you’re just getting started.

    1. Hey Shanetta! I failed in my first attempt too, it’s hard to stand out in the crowd but once you do, I believe it is totally worth it. And yes the beginning is the hardest part, but once you hustle through that first part, you can start charging premium prices and really take advantage of all the site has to offer. I guarantee you have much more to sell than you think. It’s often hard to assess ourselves. Shoot me a message through the contact page and I would be happy to go over some ideas to get you up and running.

  2. Great article. I too have tried Fiverr with limited success. I’ve been trying to figure out what I can sell that isn’t saturated within my skillset. That’s been my hangup.

    1. Hey Michael:

      Try attaching your skills to something buyers are looking for. Shoot me a message on the contact page if you want to bounce some ideas around. You are probably much closer to finding your niche than you think.:)

  3. This is a great article Kendall. I always keep racking my brain to see what products of use do I have which I can sell. I got few of my gigs in fiverr and didn’t see great success so stopped it. Have to give it another shot for sure

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