At Lead & Launch, Your “Crazy” Dreams Aren't Crazy

You’re here because you’ve got audacious (but totally achievable!) dreams, goals and plans… and the only thing standing between you and your epic success is the length of your never ending to-do and Google list.

If you’ve been telling yourself that the figuring everything out by yourself is the only way to build a bootstrap business, here’s a few stats you need to know about:


Trying to “do it all” actually prevents you from getting a lot done. And can reduce productivity by as much as 40%.


According to research by Xero, more than three in four or 77% of small businesses said they feel the effects of burnout at work some of the time.


CEOs who delegate have been shown to generate 33% more revenue than CEOs with low delegation skills.

Our mission

As an entrepreneur, your precious time should be spent on those $1000/hour tasks that position you as an expert, grow your visibility and generate sales (frantically Googling answers to every little thing and trying to figure everything out on your own isn't one of them!). DIY-ing everything in your business all on your own is what keeps you stuck, overwhelmed and chronically underachieving on your big goals. Even the most successful entrepreneurs had help - why not learn from other amazing experts, make amazing new connections and work with done-for-you templates rather than starting everything from scratch?
With expert magazines, actionable masterclasses and done-for-you templates, Lead & Launch is your one-stop-shop to go from DIY to Done-For You and overwhelmed to overachiever.
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